Prunes and Prism

RULES FOR YOUNG LADIES: Some arch advice on snagging a husband. Exercising the mouth into a pretty shape through repetition of certain words seems to have been an indoor sport for young nineteenth-century girls; in Little Dorrit, Charles Dickens' overly bred girl repeats, "papa, potatoes, poultry, prunes and prism." (

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

At the top of "the world's most crooked street." Posted by Picasa


Blogger Recovering Baptist said...

That picture is hands down adorable. My friend wants me to take her to Paris this year but I'm terrified it would mean the end of our friendship so I just keep putting her off. More CA pictures!

1:18 PM  
Blogger frostine99 said...

Aw, thanks! I'm going to put up more photos as soon as I can figure out how to make a Flickr stream, or whatever the kids are calling it these days.

Listen, congratulations for having the self-awareness to see the Paris disaster coming and head it off at the pass. I just had no idea this trip was going to be so stressful -- I think it's just that we've never taken a trip that was city-oriented AND involved so much driving. When we went to Maine last summer there were only two roads: One went to the lobster shack, and the other to Wal-Mart. Well, live and learn.

5:21 PM  

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