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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Why I'll Never Be an Olympic Figure Skating Coach*

Dear Zhang Dan,

You rock the house.


Your Humble Narrator

*Because I was on my couch with a glass of port screaming, "Get off the ice! You're 20 years old! You'll have other Olympics!"


Blogger Recovering Baptist said...

Are you kidding? Honey, these kids are Chinese. Going home without completing their program was not an option. The communists would have been standing at the door of their apartment, bamboo slivers in hand, Open. For. Business. They're adorable though, aren't they? These wee Chinese skaters? Couldn't you just put them in your pocket? Carry them around with you?

Also, you're sitting on your couch drinking port, watching the Olympics, which just happens to be my dream Valentine's Day. Damn you.

5:21 PM  
Blogger frostine99 said...

Dear Recovering Baptist, well, last night on actual Valentine's, I sort of passed out (it must be said) on the couch, and missed that Czech guy and the other one who skated to the James Bond theme. (So the Comrade tells me.)

Yeah, those commentators all but intimated that if Dan didn't get back out there she'd be dispatched to the countryside forthwith. Did you see the bit about their coach and how he was half of China's first Olympic pair skaters? And how they got laughed out of the rink? I guess he didn't bring China this far in 25 years with his warmth and fuzziness, although he did awkwardly pat her when she left the ice. Right before he stuck her with a cattle prod.

I love these guys -- I kind of have a little Olympic crush on beefy Zhang Hao, whom the Comrade calls "the Minotaur." I loved the Musak version of "Kashmir" they used for their short program.

2:39 PM  

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