Prunes and Prism

RULES FOR YOUNG LADIES: Some arch advice on snagging a husband. Exercising the mouth into a pretty shape through repetition of certain words seems to have been an indoor sport for young nineteenth-century girls; in Little Dorrit, Charles Dickens' overly bred girl repeats, "papa, potatoes, poultry, prunes and prism." (

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Mistress of No Grand Schemes

Dear Readers, Angry John Sellers may be full of free-floating rage, but he's got a heart o' gold! The recent posts are in a sidebar now, and I have a blogroll! He told me what to do, and I did it, and then the Comrade came in and advised me to do some more stuff AJS had already suggested, and it worked. Two sticks together, and -- fire!

(I must admit, I feel grateful but also sheepish. I know it doesn't take a Y chromosome to work the Internets, so why can't I act like it? And did I sit on my couch two weekends ago reading In Style while the Comrade dislocated a shoulder blade assembling our new kitchen cart? I did, friends. I did.)

It sounds like I'm due for another seminar in Deconstructing Feminist Ur-Texts. (Incidentally, that book I couldn't remember last post is Alix Kates Shulman's Memoirs of an Ex-Prom Queen, published in 1969.)

Anyway, thanks so much, Angry John Sellers, for your help. It's worth a price above rubies!


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